Refund / Cancellation / Withdrawal Policy

Refund / Cancellation / Withdrawal Policy

1.    A full refund against the tuition and fees or a credit in a comparable amount against future tuition and fees to students, who are called for active duty or active service. A full flexibility for re- enrollment and re-application will be offered to these students.

2.    For students who cancel their classes from the institution maybe eligible for tuition and fee refund based on the following refund table below:

Students must make a written request for the Withdrawal and request for the Refund, if student had attended the classes in person or web or miss the classes prior to the formal request then these weeks’ counts will be considered as student had taken the classes and these number of weeks will be used in determining the refund amount.​

Week Withdrawal Occurred

Institution Refund Policy










No Refund

Administration Fees


3. If there is a billing balance or outstanding balance, they may still be liable for unpaid institutional costs as well as any non-institutional costs. The school may deduct an administrative fees $100 from the amount of the total refund